Sesderma Peeling

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Chemical peeling is a non-surgical treatment to rejuvenate the skin of the face. It consists of the application of a corrosive chemical substance on the skin. This substance eliminates in a controles and limited way a porto f the superficial layer of the epidermis more or less Deep, depending on the type of acid used , and prodeuces a delayed regeneration of destroyed layers, renewing the skin and leaving it brighter, cleaner, more leveled and tight, eliminating spots, wrinkles, acne marks, etc.
Depending on the peeling that is used ( according to the need of the skin type) can produce the following effects:
Reduction of the fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Treatment of the wrinles produced by the sun, age and those acquired by inheritance. Improves the appearance of small scars. Improves some types of acne. Reduces age spots, pregnancy spots and freckles. Improves the appearance and texture of the skin.

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